Here's a potential contender for my 'black and silver' outfit. I haven't decided yet whether it's suitable. You can see I'm wearing the silver belt I made previously.

The original skirt was knee-length. I removed the pockets and turned it round so that the zip is now at the front and the waistband is under the arms. I made sleeves using sheer fabric from Ikea (meant to be used as curtains) and some viscose lining from an old jacket (hopefully more on the jacket later).

I used a pattern from the Burdastyle Nov 09 issue for the top and sleeves. There's something really elegant about the shoulders and the cuff detail. I wasn't sure about having 12 buttons on each cuff (sounded a bit too time-consuming) so I just used some black velcro. Not as classy, but it's black on black so doesn't show.

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