I have done some very quick recons recently. This was not one of them.

I had an idea in mind of a shirt-style dress and the closest thing to the picture in my head was the Kristen pattern from Burdastyle. It wasn't quite there though so I lost the contrasting plankets(?) down the front replacing them with pleats at the top only. I also added lace edging (taken from a top from the charity shop bargain bin) to the arms and collar and lost the button closure.

It's definitely one of my best made pieces as, for once, I made a toile, adjusted the fit, bothered to interface, do an invisible zipper (properly) and fully line.

It looks cute with a matching belt.


  1. The hard work paid off; this is very pretty. I also really like your illustrations for the how-tos. Have you considered joining Wardrobe Reashion (http://www.nikkishell.typepad.com/wardroberefashion) and cross-posting there?

  2. I've just seen it on Burdastyle ((wonder how I missed it). It's gorgeous! I love everyhitng about it!

  3. I clicked to your blog via Burdastyle - what a brilliant idea, it's beautiful and so inspirational. I just love this dress!! well done